Gem depicting Bacchus and Ariadne


Gem depicting Bacchus and Ariadne

Unknown (3)
mid 16th century
1540 - 1559

applied arts, jewel, mythology
relief (2)


The provenance data are inconclusive. It is not known when and from whom K.W.B. Bachtsitz art dealers purchased this gem.
It is possible that K.W.B. Bachstitz, a stateless Austrian who ran an art dealership in The Hague from the 1920s onwards, was forced to sell this painting. On 6 February 1950, in response to a letter from the SNK in which the SNK inquired whether the artworks stated were sold to Germany voluntarily or under pressure, Bachstitz's wife wrote: 'In answer to your letter dated 30 January 1950, I state that during the enemy occupation my husband was forced to sell the art objects listed - as well as the sales recorded at the time - under undue influence.'.

Reconstruction origin history

Marlborough, Hertog van
ICN inventariskaart; Archief SNK nr.552
Bachstitz, K.W.B.
The Hague
Archief SNK nr.552; Bundesarchiv Koblenz B323 nr.574
Hitler, A.
Archief SNK nr.552
Archief SNK nr.552; Bundesarchiv Koblenz B323 nr.574

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