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    Rocky landscape with waterfall

    A grey with resting peasants in front of a school

    Still life with herrings, bread, cheeses and smokers' accessories

    Still life with fruit, Chinese bowl and other objects

    Rocky landscape with hunter

    Still life with cheeses, candlestick and smoker's accessories

    View of a Roman city with triumphal procession

    Triumphal procession in a Roman city

    View of the Merwede near Dordrecht;
    View of the Batsentoren, Zealand

    Still life with pewter dishes, meat, grapes and olives

    Iron strongbox painted with floral and leaf motifs, small landscapes on lid and front, on lid banderole inscribed, 'Die wat spaert intijds vindt wat inde pot' ('He who puts money aside in good time will find money in the pot')